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by jtclough on January 24, 2009

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Saturday morning in Encinitas, CA. Even though it was a bit rainy for the likes of San Diego people and their dogs, this morning seemed to be very lively with people out and about on the 101 in North County San Diego.

We headed out for the beach with our own dogs to get some exercise early on and on the way stopped at Starbucks for coffee in Encinitas on the 101. So many people were out running their dogs, walking their dogs, or just going for coffee and taking the family dog on an outing.

As we sat outside and sipped our coffee and read the paper, a gentleman came along with the cutest little dog in the picture… and tied him off to the table next to the door of Starbucks so he could go in and order his much desired coffee drink of choice. As he was going, his small puppy was jumping at the door to go after him. I watched him diligently keep going back outside and putting his dog in a very nice sit. As he did it he looked over at us and said “he’s in training“.

Of course as a professional dog trainer I had such huge appreciation for this that I couldn’t stop myself from offering to help him… so I told him no worries… you go in and I’ll assist in keeping your dog in the position you left him in.

It was so cool. This little dog only needed a little assistance as was doing so well as people walked by, commented on him, had food and coffee in hand, and his owner was inside all the while.

A little advice on how to keep his dog in position when the owner came out and the explanation of how his dog learns and thinks in pictures and everyone was really happy.

Sometimes the feeling of just helping someone and their dog is the greatest! Get out and have some fun, enjoy your dog, get some exercise. We live in one of the greatest places in the world!

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