Dog Training & The Weight Loss Resolution

by jtclough on January 18, 2009

From 21 Day Challenge: Walk Your Dog Every Day

It’s well into January of 2009, and the weight loss resolution is already well behind many who had great plans for it. So don’t let another year go by and feel bad about not doing anything about it.

Really. Lets make it easy. If you are a dog owner commit to getting out and walking with your dog once a day. I know that sounds quite simple… but really it can be.

I was reading the other day that the average American puts on at least 2 pounds of fat per year. So it’s no wonder you suddenly looked at yourself and said “what happened?” It’s also true that people who have dogs and get out and exercise with them can stop that process.

And the really great thing is: your dog is going to be stoked AND end up much calmer, in fact you’ll hear people making the comment, “I wish my dog was that well trained.”

Many times it just comes down to exercise. Of course there is the dog that seems to be out of control so you just don’t do it… but that’s no problem. Dog training programs are available to help you QUICK. So get out today.

K9 Coach has dog training private lessons, dog training camps, & online dog training programs. Private lessons and camps done in San Diego & Temecula, CA and Taos, NM. Online dog training programs not only are available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, but also are a bonus to our private training programs.

So go ahead… stop the statistic of adding body fat every year… AND end up with the coolest dog around.

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