Obama Inauguration & Dog Training

by jtclough on January 19, 2009

The big day is just about here! The Obama inauguration happens tomorrow. There is much buzz about it for certain. We know many people including ourselves who are going to take time out of the day to watch it… more people than ever will be there in person, and we’ll have a prime time spot right in front of the tv!

We’ll go back to San Diego Private Dog Training Lessons and Dog Training Camps right after the news coverage. In the meantime the dogs will all be practicing a very nice “place” on beds lined up as a way to teach them how to be awesome dogs at home every day.

With the new President and his family come the new Obama dog. The decision is getting closer. Is it going to be a Labradoodle or a Portuguese Water Dog? There’s still time for your vote to count… check which one you think it should be below. Fun dog stuff!

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