Superbowl and Your Dog At Home

by jtclough on February 1, 2009

The Superbowl draws is on in households all over that never even watch football any other time. It’s fun to watch the ads at least… and people do like the fact that it’s a really great reason to eat bad food that’s really yummy like chips and drink beer!

The family dog is usually even stoked about it since when there is snack food around, there are usually a few that hit the floor to pick up. Even better, the friends that came over to watch can’t help themselves from giving the dog a little bite… I mean look how cute that look was.

What we find interesting about today and the dog world is how many dogs are really utilized to put this production on. Like this story we found about the fact 30-40 dogs are used to make sure the Tampa Bay football stadium is safe from explosives and other potentially dangerous weirdos from showing up.

Very cool work for a dog, and the cool thing is the work they do is based off of some basic games you can teach your own dog. I’m not saying you might be able to join the Super Bowl dog team next year… but by following some of the games we teach in our online dog training programs you can have your own dog show off at your next Super Bowl party to the amazement of everyone.

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