Why To Thank The Dog For Training

by jtclough on February 4, 2009

We did our weekly dog training webcast tonight and again way cool people logged on and asked the coolest questions. I guess one of the reasons our new format on how to train a dog by bringing it right to a lot of people’s homes live every week has not only helped a lot more dogs, but also really helped us a professional dog trainers to think outside the box.

Each week we go along we find more and more things to actually thank the dog for and that ends up being an awesome feeling. The reason we find that such a big deal is because we have also spent a lot of years listening to people complain about their dog and the bad behavior that was so common when people finally came to us.

Now we are not only helping people gain a nicely trained dog, but the way it’s gone about is so much more differently than the old standard drudgery of a dog training class. A wagging tail when everyone “gets it” is a gratifying feeling. Tonight for instance we went over how to get your dog do some tricks and we did it in a way that was really fun for our listening audience to follow along in our online dog training session complete with video.

The kick back from that was the quick response of how by doing this “teach my dog to back up” thing and have fun at it, actually got people understanding how to get the dog to come to them too… and we it taught using an idea of putting the whole process into a picture.

Good stuff all the way around really.

Anyway, if you are one of those people that has a dog and wants to become more active with the things you can do with your dog… think about how to get your dog doing things as though you were painting a picture for the dog to do… like step by step. Big hint, don’t give your dog more than one thing to do before they have completed the first request!

You’ll be amazed at how much easier everyone learns. I know it sounds a little crazy but if you are creative at all it will click in quickly… and if not, no worries there either, we’ve got a whole website and live webcast training for you to have some fun and get a really cool trained dog too….

Now… do everything one step at a time… it’s how you get from where you are to where you want to be. True for you, true for your dog.

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Jt Clough of K9 Coach San Diego & Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog in Wisconsin provide online dog training to private clients, online dog training members, & professional trainers from various locations throughout the year. Our latest accomplishment is being able to be everywhere on the web every week.

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