Finding a Lost Dog or Pet

by jtclough on October 27, 2009

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The worst feeling imaginable by dog or pet owners would be not being able to find your beloved best friend, confidant, and loyal partner. Accidents do happen unfortunately and the number of people that can relate with something as awful as losing their dog, cat or other pet is more staggering than one would think.

People tend to go a little crazy in the initial reaction and the search for a lost dog or pet turns to chaos. It is of utmost importance that the search start immediately of course. Just try and be a somewhat organized about it and save yourself from wasted time.

Make sure your dog or pet has tags always. This will help with the search greatly as people do tend to want to help any lost dog or cat. When tags clearly identify your pet the chances of return go way up.

Pets 911 has created a really helpful website to assist with lost animals. With the help of the World Wide Web getting word out is easier than ever. The lost and found link is very easy to use and you can list a lost pet or submit a found stray.

Check out the Pets 911 website and bookmark the list lost and found area.

Keep a list of important contact numbers and emergency website information available always to refer to; In times of distress its hard to think. Have it available for yourself, your family, any one who takes care of your home, and especially anyone taking care of your pet.

Good Things To Have On Your Pet Emergency List

  • Your vets phone number and address
  • A 24 hour pet emergency vet clinic
  • Local Humane Societies
  • You Pets registered id tag/microchip numbers
  • Pet Poison Help Line (24 hour service 800-213-6680
  • Your address (for pet sitters, house sitters, etc.)

Enjoy the unconditional moments of pure acceptance your dog or pet gives you and remember you are training yourself and your pet all the time. It’s just a matter of what you are practicing and encouraging!


©Jt Clough and K9 Coach 2009

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1 Dave dog lover November 8, 2009 at 11:19 am

Loosing my dog is my biggest fear, I pray to God that never happens with me, I really love Bob(my pet).

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