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by jtclough on November 25, 2009

The holidays are here. Time for food, drink, friends, family (including the dog), and good times.

Thanksgiving tends to center around food. Not all the food we eat on this type of holiday is the best for our health, but never the less we eat it. The same is true for our dogs. Food that we eat that is bad for us tends to take effect over time. The difference with dogs and the food that is bad for them at Thanksgiving is that it can be detrimental to their health quickly.

There are common foods that most dog owners know are bad for dogs like chocolate, but the list of foods that are commonly prepared for a holiday feast that could cause serious health issues for your dog may surprise you.

Read the list of foods that can cause health issues that may not be reversible such as pancreatitis here: Thanksgiving Dog Food

Make sure to reduce the amount of stress the holiday can bring for yourself and your dog by getting out and getting some exercise first thing Thanksgiving morning. Not only will it offset the amount of food that might be consumed, but the unusual commotion with friends and family can not only be stressful for your dog, but you as well.

Exercise is the best way to dissipate these type of feelings. Just watch a dog run and see the look on their face and it becomes pretty clear!

Have a great Thanksgiving…. make sure to keep the foods that could hurt your dogs health permanently inaccessible to your dog, get some exercise and enjoy your family, friends, and your dog.

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