Chihuahuas, Lap Dogs and Other Small Dogs 2nd Chance

by jtclough on December 6, 2009

These days Hollywood seems to have a hold on many of our everyday decisions. What we wear, what weight we “ideally” should be, who’s cool, and what kind of dog we should own.

With the release of movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua and the number of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Serena Williams, & Oprah Winfrey with small dogs, those who are even thinking about getting a dog tend to make a choice based on cute rather than temperament, the need for dog training, how much exercise is required, or the difficulty to potty train.

The joy of bringing home a new puppy turned nightmare when uncontrollable barking, peeing in the house, chewing shoes, furniture, and cell phones, snapping at guests, or growling at other dogs appears is often the case with dogs that people think of as small and completely controllable. The number of breeds like Maltese, Chinese Crested, Italian Greyhound, Silky Terrier, and King Charles Cavalier’s ending up in shelters due to this problems is alarming.

The sad thing is with a little research and some professional dog training these problems could be avoided entirely or at the very least fixed. The mistake of thinking a small dog needs little exercise is a big one and many don’t realize until after all the damage is done. People aren’t willing to change the lifestyle or realize that by changing exercise level and communication with the small dog the result is a really great little companion.

Thus large numbers of small dogs are ending up in shelters. Really sad and unnecessary but never the less true. It turns out that its also happening in some areas of the country more than others.

For instance the shelters in LA or filling up with these small breeds while other areas of the country like New Hampshire have very few of these breeds and many people who with lifestyles that can support the well being of a small dog.

Hollywood and the people who make up the scene there do a lot of good things to and in this case Katherine Heigl has done a very cool thing in that she paid thousands of dollars to have small shelter dogs shipped from LA to Nashua, NH.

Heigl one of the stars of Grey’s Anatomy felt she had the means and the joy of a small dog united with a owner who has time, energy and understanding is admirable from all aspects.

Small dogs can be trained just like big dogs to be great companions. The two biggest problems are potty training and over excited energy. Because toy breeds tend to be able to get away with things big dogs aren’t, expectations from the beginning are different. By practicing good dog training habits and establishing a potty training routine just like a big dog, these small breeds can be the best companions ever that can go anywhere because of their size.

If you are dealing with these problem with your small dog, its not too late. As with anything, today is the best day to start a new program whether it be diet, exercise or program to get your dog training off on the right paw!

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