New Year’s Resolution for You and The Dog

by jtclough on December 30, 2009

2009 is only a few hours from being behind us. On to 2010 and what many put hope of a new beginning. Its really a great thing to do and New Year’s resolutions aren’t cliche anymore. Its a time to set goals, go for a better way of being, thinking, and doing.

Number one on everyone’s list should be:

Wag more.

Yep. Even if you aren’t a dog owner it’s a good rule to live by. Of course dog owners know exactly what that means. Dogs tend to wag at the slightest hint of possibility. For the most part, those who wag more have more joy, harmony, gratitude, and peace of mind than those who spend their time barking about whatever is presented them on a moment to moment basis.

Along with wag more the highest of priorities should be health and fitness. Without it the chances of your happiness and self fulfillment becoming a reality are much smaller. Doesn’t matter if you are person or dog, if you don’t feel good, if you are overweight, if you can’t get out and move its not a fun place to be.

So here they are. Top priorities for 2010. You and the dog:

  • Wag more.
  • Get fit.
  • Loose those extra pounds.
  • Find peace of mind.

For the dog finding peace of mind and wagging more are easier than for most of the thinking two legged communities we live in. Make it a point to take a lesson from our four legged friends there on a daily basis. Wag more.

Getting fit and losing extra pounds…. well…. those are more under the two legged friends control and our dogs rely on us for the opportunities to join in the movement on those fronts.

The truth of the matter is it is much easier to accomplish weight loss and getting fit when you have a loyal training partner to rely on. Perfect for dog owners. You’ll never find a more loyal training partner, ready to go at any moment’s notice, never an excuse and always with a big inviting wag of excitement to go.

Awesome. So we have established that weight loss and getting fit are big on the New Year’s resolution list. We’ve also established that the chances of it actually happening are high when you have someone to rely on.


Then this is for you. Your dog is already willing to sign up. Done.

Now all you need another coach to inspire you, provide a simple program you can follow with the help of your dog, add a little encouragement here and there and send you what to do every week.


How to Run Your 1st 5K
with Your Dog as
Your Most Loyal Training Partner

It’s easy, its fun, you get to do it with your dog and it will work.

Click to find out more about Running Your 1st 5K with Your Dog as Your Training Partner.

Even if you don’t want to actually sign up for a 5K you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a training program written for you and your dog to follow. Getting encouragement from a coach and 9 time Ironman finisher that knows dogs, knows how to train for fitness and has found success in coaching others to their best.

Go ahead. Make 2010 your year. Look good, feel good, get fit, and wag more.

Canine Cross Training
*fitness & health programs for you and your dog

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