Fitness with Your Dog – Doga Style

by jtclough on January 26, 2010

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Fitness and dogs naturally go together, though our “domestication” process has slowed activities for dogs as well as ourselves.  2010 is shaping up to be the year to go back to the sacred.  To focus on fitness, health and inner peace.

Economic times are still difficult for many, and the realization that acquiring more things is not what brings the true feeling of wealth.  Getting back to the basics of life with our family, friends, and our dogs is quite comforting.

Practicing yoga is not only physically a great thing for fitness, but more importantly it brings our minds to a relaxed state.  Finding that relaxed state is where we can let go and actually enjoy life, feel good, and stop the habitual worrying cycle.

Dogs do practice yoga, we’ll call it doga here, in a natural way.  Think about the way your dog wakes up from a nap or a good night’s sleep.

The very first thing your dog does….  A nice long stretch.  A very natural “downward dog”.

Dogs live in the moment.

Living in the moment is a great thing we should practice more of as well.  They pick up on emotional states before anything else.  For this reason they can actually smell the feeling of “relaxed” and life gets better for everyone when the smell of relax is following us around.

Doga is yoga done with your dog as your partner.

Animals move; people can learn about movement from animals.  Learning to move and relax is a two way street with your dog giving you natural lessons in movement and finding a way to spend some time with your dog while you both get a little zen in your life.  Wag more!

You can watch more about doga in the video below.

….. Before you click on the play button however, here’s a note about the humor of this video….

The “non relaxed” behavior of a couple dogs in the video does usually result in your dog not doing this fun thing with you anymore…. or you never really ever get started.

But… continue on.  There are options and a lot of good options to bring your dog around to the dog you really wanted.  That chilled out buddy that goes everywhere with you.  If this resembles you and your dog at all there are two things to do.

  • Get a Solution Session.
  • Or if location is a problem, send me an e-mail to find a dog zen master in your area. Put “Doga” in the subject line.

And a final video note…. I don’t recommend ever feeding your dog Purina….  Ever. Ignore the horrible dog food commercial….

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