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by jtclough on January 30, 2010

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We’ve established that running is one of the greatest ways to get fit, super charge weight loss and end up with well behaved dogs.  Running with the dog is a motivator that even on the days you don’t really feel like it has the benefit of an encouraging wag to get you out the door.

But what about those with two dogs.  If there is an excuse to be made, as a professional dog trainer, I’ve heard it:

  • Its hard to take both dogs because they pull
  • I can’t leave one dog here, she doesn’t like it
  • I’ll start running with them when they are trained better
  • One dog is big, one is little, don’t think they can go the same pace
  • Next weekend the weather will be better
  • Need to get a new leash I can hold on to

The reasons go on and on…. but I’m here to encourage you to get on the “just do it” program.  You and I both know it will be good for you and it will be good for the dogs too.  For a little more encouragement read Use Your Mind to Get You Moving: 6 Energizing Exercise Techniques

Running with Two Dogs – Getting Started

First, lets establish that if you feel like it is just too overwhelming to take both dogs at first…. leave one.  Seriously.  Your dog will get over it and besides there are times it is a good thing to implement some independence.

Even better, you can use this concept in the beginning to get your out there moving just a little more by taking both dogs…. one at a time.  The switch-a-woo thing works.  Shorten your route with the first dog, make a loop and come around and get the second dog.  With some consistent practice each dog will become a better running partner and the time will come to run with both of them together.

Two Dog Equipment

It is true, gadgets are motivators.  Even gadgets for our dogs.  Holding on to two leashed dogs can at times be a bit cumbersome.  Even for dogs who are established running partners.

Shortening the leash length you give your dogs can be a big help and a simple technique that can stop the tangling confusion.  Check out the example in the video.  You’ll be amazed, habits are incredibly powerful.  If you have a habit of giving the whole leash length this little change in technique can be a new habit worth establishing.

Back to the gadgets.  The two dog leash.  Cardio Canine makes a great hands free leash for one or both dogs.  Personally, I love this leash.  Hands free is the greatest.  My trainers note here is this is not a device that will stop your dogs from pulling, BUT a few dog training tips on how to use this leash to train your dog not pull and it becomes an indispensable training tool as well.

More Running Motivation

Dogs are better than gyms.  The average dog owner covers more miles than health club members according to a new study.  It’s really about getting out and getting motivated to start.

The idea of the gym is more about finding what to do and having people around you that support your effort.  The opportunities in joining a dog running program are even better.  For example, you can do it right from you home.  Your dog doesn’t care what attire you have on.  You can find a training partner that will encourage you without the gym hubbub… parking, where to put your big bag you’ve packed in case, who you might see there…. all of that.

So go ahead… get out there and do it… get on a dog running program, sign up for a local dog friendly 5K, or run the trails and cool urban spots right in your own neighborhood….

Go.  Wag.

©Jt Clough and K9 Coach, Inc. 2010

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