4 Ways To Drastically Improve Your Every Day: Dog Owners

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by jtclough on February 16, 2010

What you do, think and feel first thing in the morning is a good indication of the way the rest of your day will in fact transpire.  For years I ignored this essential fact and let every morning just happen in its own way, usually leading me down a subconscious path I really didn’t want to travel.

I know it sounds simplistic but without all the influence of negativity that we as owners have become accustomed to practicing, our dogs get up with the intent to have a good day.

  • First thing, a big stretch waking up their body with gentle movement.
  • Next thing, wag.  Happy for the next moment whatever it might be.
  • Run around a little bit getting warmed up for all the great things that are going to happen today
  • Eat a holistic dog food breakfast you provide every single morning.

With the bliss of your dog’s life as a model here are 4 things you can do to drastically improve your every day happiness quotient.

Practice Yoga or Simply Stretch

This is one you can easily end up with the excuse “I’ll do it tomorrow for sure”, if you don’t do this first thing in the morning.  The really great thing is you can use this time to do the next step too.

Making things simpler is the best course of action.

Meditate, Affirmations, Saying What You Want

Self talk is a huge part of what happens to us every day.  What goes on in your head is what ends up coming to fruition in a physical way throughout your day.

Might as well plan out what those things are going to be.  Say what you want for the day to yourself.  Three top things.  About your life, about your passion, about your profession.


Blah.  A word that has come to be known with a negative connotation.  Why has this one come to be such a huge problem?

In my experience working with those who have decided to take the next step and get to where they want to be from where they are now, deciding that exercise is going to feel good makes the fun part of it come a lot faster.

As a dog owner this is the best time to develop a great relationship with a dog you can take everywhere with you.  You’ll find you’ll start looking forward to this part of your day and soon, like the dog, what you practice every day is what you default to.

“I found myself adding days to my 5K running dog program and actually looked forward to it.  Finding a program to do with my dog made the difference from me wasting time on facebook in the morning and getting back into shape with my dog”  Chelsa D., Fresno, CA

That was a cool e-mail I got from one of my K9 Cross Training participants.

Eat a holistic breakfast

Another duh…. you’ve heard this one before.  I know I know.  BUT again, get some fresh ideas of what to eat and it becomes easier.  Buy the only the foods for the healthy recipe and that will also become your default choice.  Its the only thing you have in the house. Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual

Again, make everything simple.  We have too much stuff in our lives.  One shopping bag out of the grocery store.  That’s it.  No room for junk.

What are you’re preferred ways to start the day?  Pick one of the above or just add yours in the comments.

©Jt Clough and K9 Coach, Inc 2010

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1 Nancy Sustersic February 22, 2010 at 9:07 am

Great article and tips!! I’m back on Doggie TRACK!!

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