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by jtclough on February 10, 2010

If running isn’t part of your fitness routine already, finding inspiration to start is usually the hardest part.  Having a running partner is key to the success of many who start a running or walking program.  If you are a dog owner you should consider yourself ahead of the game already.  Your dog will sign up for sure.

There are all the healthy reasons in the world to start running or walking with your dog like avoiding heart disease, obesity….. ya know all those things from the medical perspective.  The truth of the matter though is it still doesn’t seem to get to the core and emotionally motivate us to get out and get going.

After years of coaching people and their dogs, finding what does motivate people to stop killing themselves with inactivity, junk food diets and the over used excuse “I’m too busy” has been one of my missions.

Good news.  I found the number one motivator to get you out there on a new running program with your wagging dog who is in desperate need of the exercise as well.

Take a picture of yourself.

Yep.  It’s that easy.  Take a picture of yourself and pretend you have to give it to every person in your life you ever wanted to impress.  Of course the first person on that list should be you.

Somehow it’s different than looking in the mirror.  The mirror happens every morning usually, but it’s more about the face or brushing your teeth.  A picture speaks a thousand words they say and I have found in the context of deciding to start a fitness program it’s the number one motivator.

Running with your dog can also be an inspiration.  No matter who you are, the wagging excitement is a feeling that deep down inside we are all looking for.  The attraction with our dogs’ is that unabated zest to just do anything at all with you.

So there you go.  You’ve got all the tools you need except for maybe a good pair of running shoes to get yourself motivated and out the door.  The important thing is to make it simple and take all the excuses out.  Just get out there and do it.

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1 Michelle Penix February 19, 2010 at 9:58 pm

This struck me. This is soooo true. You can ignore the mirror, you really can, but a picture – you’ll see every horrifying detail. You can’t help but want to change it. Or just go eat some cookies.

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