Valentine Day Dog Dates

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by jtclough on February 12, 2010

Awwwh, it’s Valentine’s Day again this year. A day that you can enjoy or a day some people would rather skip. A lonely day is not a good day. Whether you have a special someone in your life or not, if you are dog owner you’ve already got a special someone who loves you unconditionally. So get your wag on over that at the very least!

Valentine Dog Dates

Take a lesson from the dog and no matter what you decide to do this year to celebrate Valentine’s Day act like some of or all of the suggestions below….

  • Focus on the emotion of “happy to be here”, just like dogs do.
  • Simplifying everything by spending real time with someone. It’s most likely the best gift you can really give anyone.
  • Check out parks, urban trails, and beaches in your area and make it a point to take your dog and yourself to a new place in your area. Take a favorite ball, some poop bags, and an attitude that’s stoked to go.
  • Go for a run with your dog on a new route. Fitness dog programs are popping up all around the country. “I go out and exercise with my dog now and its fun, when I used to dread taking her around the block”, says Cindy M. of Portand because I checked out this dog fitness program.
  • Make Valentine Carob dog treats. Or buy them! Which ever is going to allow you to feel the joy of watching your dog love you so much for playing the “catch the treat in the air” game. That classifies as teaching your dog a new trick.

♥note this recipe was originally posted for ‘‘the holidays”. Change the cookie cutter from a bone to a heart… WhaLa… Valentines Dog Treats.

  • Take your dog out to a dog friendly bistro or restaurant along with your Sweetie. No Sweetie?  No worries, your dog will be ever so appreciative of anywhere you go.
  • Send a Valentine’s Day Dog Card. Friends, family and loved ones appreciate getting a good photo much more than some stupid thing you felt obligated to buy. Getting back to basics and away from the junk is the new trend for a more balanced budget after all.

You don’t have to commercialize the day if you don’t want… Spending time is the best. Then again, if some therapeutic shopping is on your feel good list, go for it.

Have some fun, wag more, drink a lot of water and get fit with your dog.

©Jt Clough and K9 Coach, Inc 2010

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