Chasing Away Depression: Run With Your Dog

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by jtclough on March 1, 2010

Depression affects everyone at some point or another and is on the rise.  Depression is one of the biggest health problems we face affecting 18.8 million American adults and is manifesting even in our preschoolers.  Lack of exercise and more time spent on electronic games and computers introduced even at this early age contribute to the problem.

The facts on depression are surprising and disturbing.  It has gone so far as to affect even the dogs in our lives.  Given that dogs learn and think in pictures and reflect many of our actions, it makes sense that dogs pick up the behavior.  If you are sitting around depressed doing nothing it can easily rub off on your dog.

Dogs Can Help Chase Away Depression

Your dog can help you chase away depression.  Big statement, but your dog really can move you to a better emotional place just by taking care of the very basic needs.

Like people, given a good nutritious diet and proper exercise a dog’s outlook on life is on the upside.  These two things can change your outlook as well.

A common thread for people who are depressed is lack of exercise.  It is one of the fastest, easiest remedies you can deploy without spending a bunch of money… which quite frankly could be one of the big triggers for depression to start with.

Dogs love exercise and just the idea that you are going to go around the block is enough for a big wag and a smile.  Let that be contagious.

If you are looking for some direction and how to get started running or walking with your dog read Training Companions:  Running With Your Dog

If you have been feeling a bit blue and you are a dog owner, let your dog help you.  Spending some quality time with your dog away from the stresses and anxieties that occupy your mind is a great place to start.  Introduce a little play with some wagging back into you life and feel better about your lifestyle.

It’s good for you.  It’s good for the dog.  Get on the program and go run or walk with your dog.

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