What’s In Your Dog’s Dinner – The Truth About Dog Food

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by jtclough on March 9, 2010

You think of the bag of food you just bought your dog at one of the specialty pet food chains in the “all natural” section, and feel pretty good about what your dog is eating for breakfast and dinner, right?

Visions of a big juicy piece of roast beef, a nice roasted chicken breast and some bright vegetables… fresh carrots and peas are being chopped up and added to the ingredients your dog’s kibble.

Big pet food manufactures imprint these images in our subconscious through media and advertising.  In a $16 billion a year industry big manufacturers are going after your heart and your money with these type of pictures in mind.

Ingredient Conscious or Corporate Greed

Using these pictures the media and big advertising dollars have been able to succeed by numbing the mind to believing these companies care about the food you are feeding your dog.  In the last few years big pet food manufacturers have sold out to even bigger industry food manufacturers.  Of course this increases the concern with purchasing quality ingredients in these products right?  I know… it’s a big shock but these companies are putting the cheapest ingredients possible into their products increasing the profit that goes in their corporate pockets.

With a $16 billion a year piece of the pie involved and bigger companies relying on foreign governments for ingredients, manufacturing and quality control, the hope your dog or pet is getting “all natural” in their diet is non existent.

Companies like Procter and Gamble acquired The Iams Company who also manufactured Eukanuba.  Nestle bought Purina, Del Monte owns Nature’s Recipe, Colgate-Palmolive owns Hills Science Diet and Nature’s Best.  The list goes on and now you can clearly see why the quality versus quantity and big business plays a huge roll in what goes in these very popular dog foods.

Exercise, diet and nutrition are key to your dog’s lifetime health and can affect overall behavior.  A dog with a wholesome balanced diet and the proper amount of exercise are on the road to a long healthy life.

What’s In Some Big Brand Name Dog Food?

You’d be very surprised at yourself for condoning the fact that your dog is eating nothing short of road kill, rancid grains, cancerous or diseased animal, restaurant grease and many more disgusting things you don’t really even want to think about.

Is this really what you want to feed your dog?  I know I was disgusted when I found out what was in these premium dog foods.  It made me realize that there is a reason our dog’s are considered “old” at 8 years versus a few decades ago when our dogs lived until they were 16 and longer.

Is There Good Dog Food Out There?

Fitness, diet and nutrition are just as important for your dog as it is for you in maintaining a healthy full lifestyle.  I know my dog’s health is almost as important to me as my own.  Dogs are a big part of my beloved family.  Being a professional dog trainer of course I’ve done much study on companies and the the manufacturing of dog food.

Yes, there are some good wholesome companies producing healthy dog food that do exist.  They aren’t the big conglomerates and they aren’t looking to fill the same quarterly production or profit and loss requirements.  Massive production quantities and shipments prevent the availability of these types of foods to end up on your local grocery store shelves or large pet food chain stores with these health conscious smaller companies.

The upside is due to the the smaller scale healthy dog food can be ordered online, shipped straight to your door and delivered every month, saving you time and energy and providing your dog with truly wholesome diet.  I feed my own dogs Life’s Abundance and over the last couple of years many of my clients dogs have been eating it as well.

The fact that my dogs have done better on this food than any other and so many dogs I have trained have noticeably better health as well is testament enough for me to keep putting the word out there for other dog owners.

Quality healthy dog food affects the lifetime of your dog…. your dog is worth it.

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“Do You Really Know What’s In Your Dog’s Food?”

Supplementing any dog food diet with a little “real food” is a good ideas as well.  Read Healthy Dog Food and Treat Choices for ideas on safe fresh food to add to your dog’s diet.

What food to you feed your dog?  What is the reason behind your choice?

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