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by jtclough on June 16, 2010

What would I do if an earth shattering earthquake hit to make sure my dogs stayed with me safely?

San Diego and earthquakes… this last week yet another one with many aftershocks shook the County.  It wasn’t until now that the actuality of the devastation scene in Chili, Haiti, and Mexico became a real reality that it could happen here.

So what are the things that should be ready for the dogs… my coolest best friends in the world who really only have me to count on to get them through something like this?

Dogs can get just as freaked out as people and start running around crazily.  My dog, on the run, scared… is not a picture I want to ever have happen.  In the event however, a big accident happened microchipping is a really good idea.  There are so many cool stories in dog news about dogs being returned from incredible distances and situations simply because they were microchipped.

So… Microchip Your Dog.

My dogs most the time have doggiestylish cool collars on…. so have some id tags to go with it.  That makes the situation much easier should anyone find my dog.  It’s a good way to avoid ending up in a shelter because there were no easily read tags.

A sticker in my window.  Have a sticker clearly in your front window that there are dogs living here.  It really could make a difference when the rescue crew shows up.

Keep my neighbors phone number handy.  I could easily be out on an errand or doing something while my dogs were at home alone…. one of the beauties of having dogs instead of kids… for me anyway.  I CAN leave the dogs home alone and it does happen, here and there.  Not that much really lucky for them and me.  I get to spend tons of time with them.

Have my Vet’s number and the Emergency Vet’s number.  I know that sounds really ridiculously simple and something everyone would do, but I know that feeling of endorphin release… it makes you think differently than normal.  Make it simple to find these two numbers.

Dog To Go Bag

Dog medical kit… gotten at many cool pet store places, they include all the bandages, scissors, disinfectant, etc that comes in really handy for an injury.

Food, Water, & Leashes

Great things to have ready to go.  It’s easy to rotate this around so you always have new food ready to go.  I know some people would think to go the route of packing this kit and leaving it for “in case it ever happened”… could have things in there over 5 years old before you look at it again.  That’s okay though.  At least you’d have it.

Because active dogs like to go, I always have food and water kits packed so it doesn’t matter what car we take, or a quick trip in the RV, there’s some fresh food and water for days ready to go.

What To Do In An Earthquake

Many, many different suggestions in the current news about what to do in the event of an earthquake these days.  Educate yourself by listening to just enough news to form ideas of what would work for you and be ready with those items and actions.  But…

…as part of Project Happiness Life with Dog as Training Partner…. make sure to stop listening to more than enough of reports that you begin obsessing on the negative, allowing it to fill your thoughts more than all the good things that are going on around you in the current moment.

People stop themselves out of fear of what might happen by constantly listening to bad news… it’s the media’s way of keeping us in the world of fear they have created.  Find out the facts and use them to move your life forward instead….
Live today.
Have fun.
Get Out and Move with The Dog.
Wag More.

*photo Ivan Alvardo
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1 Karen Friesecke June 16, 2010 at 10:56 pm

Glad you like the collars! Thanks for the shout out!
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