Dog Friendly 4th of July Tips

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by jtclough on July 1, 2010

Not exactly the best holiday for dogs but it comes around every year so finding all the good parts about life with your dog during the 4th of July is going to provide a lot more wagging for everyone.

Dogs are not big fans of fireworks shows so if you have one planned taking the dog should not be part of the events.  Even dogs who don’t seem to react fireworks displays have sensitive ears.  Best to leave the dog at home in a safe place.

Whether your dog has fear of fireworks or not, taking the edge off of anything out of the ordinary can be alleviated with exercise.  Sounds simple and I know many people have told me during our private training sessions that they do get the dog exercised and still this behavior happens.

I’m not here to discount that it doesn’t happen that way, BUT I am here to say that on so many occasions finding out the the time you spend exercising with your dog is MUCH less than than the time you THINK you spend exercising with your dog.  It is a great way to end up getting fit though when the true realization hits.  Exercise more.

In fact the minimum required amount has been published in the latest study on health fitness and weight loss for people as one hour a day.  Yep.  One hour.  Minimum.

*a dog with reactions that are over the top may require the assistance of a professional trainer San Diego Private Dog Training – Lifestyle, Fitness, & Behavior Specialist

Keeping Your Dog Calm Through the 4th of July

In the days leading up to the 4th of July make it a mid summer resolution to get out more with your dog.  Finding new things to do if you are bored with the same old run around the neighborhood might be in order for both you and your dog.  If you have a dog that is reactive to fireworks, extra people at a party or just the unfamiliar holiday goings on make sure to get out and get a really good workout in the morning.  It will help… most likely for both of you!

Take a few safety precautions with your dog especially if you plan to be gone for the evening.  Dogs who are in fear can break out of all kinds of things you may think are secured because it is within your home.  Leaving your dog in the open space of your yard is not a good idea and something a professional dog trainer I would never recommend.  Even leaving your dog in the open space of your home is not a good idea.  The best place for a dog on this holiday is in a kennel or a crate.  Of course if you dog isn’t crate trained you may need some help with this… is is the best step you can take with a fearful or skittish dog however for a feeling of comfort and safety.

In the event something should happen where your dog is loose having identification tags is a must.  Nothing really more to be said about that one.

The stories in dog news lately about a lost dog returned to an owner from far away or over a period of time due to micro-chipping are proof that this is also a step for any dog lover to take with their own dog.  Get your dog micro-chipped.

Some dogs do well with a bit of dog music while you are gone.  I also believe that because our dogs tend to reflect our behavior and our intentions doing things like an extra long run and leaving music on plays to your dog’s behavior… it’s a feeling of calm, a feeling of being well taken care of and a place where everything is all right.

Life with Your Dog As Training Partner

What ever you do this 4th of July make sure to focus on having fun, all the good things in life, fitness, health and the unconditional wagging love looks you get from your dog no matter what!  Subscribe to the Healthy Living Wag Report to get motivational ideas, tips and tricks, dog friendly events, and the latest dog news and start every day wagging more.

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1 Deb Froehlich July 2, 2010 at 2:51 pm

Exercise is the cure for all types of crazy behavior for sure. When the rain puts a damper on the much needed 2nd walk of the day Lucca (1 1/2 yr old lab) is Mr. non-stop mischief man.
Deb Froehlich´s last blog post ..Eating “Healthy” like Gwyneth Can Contribute To This Silent Disease

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