Woofin Walk and Surfing with the Dog

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by jtclough on July 29, 2010

When it comes to dogs, the way they can always view things from a positive standpoint has it’s bonuses.  Take for instance the fact that the sun has not been out in Southern California all summer long so far.  The beaches and outdoor venues usually buzzing with activity are in comparison to sun days, sparsely frequented due to the lack of sun.

The great thing about life with a dog is they don’t really care if the sun is out or not.  Beach time is anytime and because of that simple fact your dog can get you out to have some fun no matter what the weather and at the end of the day you’ll be really happy about that.

People who try new things are happier as recent studies have shown.  This is true for the dog as well.

Because you live in San Diego or Huntington Beach others assume you know how to surf.  Whether you do or your don’t the thought is one that many envision immediately as fun.  Surfing with your dog is new on the scene and the great thing is not only is it an awesome new activity to engage your dog in, but it can get you out there and started into a new sport as well.

Teaching your dog to surf is easier than most think.  Let’s face it, we all jump to conclusions about any new endeavor and immediately envision the end result.  In this case, your dog or you hanging ten while riding a 7 foot wave.  It is also usually that vision that stops us from going out and giving it a shot.  Too big too fast.

Dogs start in the very easy white water.  Where people should too before they head off and make this adventure too much to handle, ending a fun new sport that’s mostly free quickly.  By teaching your dog to surf you get the chance to get out and play in the water too in a way that leads to you to the more advanced stuff in a a very gentle way.  You both stay with it and you’ve created something new you can do with your dog that for the most part is free!  Yet another bonus.

Surf Dog Clinics

Learning something new is always easier when you have someone showing you what to do.  It provides for hours of fun to then take those tips and tricks and go out and play on your own.

The good news for the Dog Event Calendar is there are three Surf Dog Clinics at Del Mar Beach in San Diego to go along with the Surf Dog A Thon scheduled for September 12, 2010 supporting Helen Woodward Animal Center and two upcoming Surf Dog Clinics coming that go right along with the Second Annual Surf City Surf Dog event scheduled for Sunday, September 19, 2010!

Check the The Surf  City Surf Dog Website for more details on the upcoming events.  For those who want take their dog along and watch the Woofin Walk is for you.  1 or 2 miles to get you out and moving with your dog.  Just going to an event and watching can give you more ideas and inspiration to get out and do more with your dog.

Surf Dog Ricochet

Surf Dog Ricochet has a her own Surf Dog Clinic, created by her Mom (who happens to be a certified trainer as well), ready for you to get out and start surfing lessons with your dog today.  This online surf dog training clinic shows specific training you can start with your dog out of the water and in the water so don’t let lack of beach in your back yard stop you from starting today.

Judy and Surf Dog Ricochet are ambassadors to all things possible for the physically challenged as well as the able body people and dogs!  Go Ricki! Go.  She’ll be competing at Huntington Beach.

Enjoy the summer with your dog and….

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