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by jtclough on September 25, 2010

There is that thought again. I need to get some exercise for the dog, (oh yeah and myself too) but it takes so much time.

As I train with people and their dogs, I find that it’s the overwhelm of “finding enough time to train”, that stops most people from getting where they want to be, doing the fun kind of things that every dog owner wishes for.

My goal is to help people put the fun back into just being with their dog. Finding 20 minutes of fun things to do replaces the whole idea of “training” and not only do you take a step forward each day to getting fit, but you end up with a dog that is way cool to be with all the time.  K9 Cross Fitness is fun.

The 20 Minute Power Workout With Your Dog

3 Minute Warm Up
Shake your arms out, shake your legs out and move it all around.
Do the same for your dog.
While your dog is sitting or standing pick up each leg and paw and shake it all around.
Sit on the floor and and stretch while putting on your shoes.
Have your dog sit or park it while you put on your shoes.
Snap the leash on your dog while you are sitting.
Keep your dog seated while you stand to get ready to leave and while you open the door to head out.
10 minute walk or run with your dog.
2 minutes to do 10 push ups.
Have your dog do 5 “sit to down” exercise repetitions.
Do 10 sit ups.
Have your dog stay in parked (down)
Clip the leash back on your dog.
Walk for 5 minutes.

It is a great power workout that burns calories, builds strength and more importantly, moves you and your dog forward with a clear mind.

Every Day Training Steps

The very concept that sets most people into motion to seeking help with their dog is the day it just feels like way too much to handle.  It feels like you are out of control and that isn’t where you want to be. A dog that has too much energy, one that lacks confidence or one who just simply likes attention benefits in mind and body with a simple 20 minute workout.

The mistake that gets made is trying to rush through the process. Realize that by taking the time to slow down and show your dog what to do will change an out-of-control dog into a partner that happens to train with you in a lifestyle that feels really good.

What You Do Every Day Is What Your Dog Does Every Day Too

Every day counts and each little thing you choose to fill your time with becomes what and who you are . Your dog is reflecting your behavior. It may be time to think about clearing out all the extra things that make us rush around without giving real attention to any one thing well.  Start by getting in motion with your dog as your training partner.

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1 Nile October 3, 2010 at 9:35 pm

My folks use to have a great black lab that was a good jogging partner. However, I have never thought about going to this extent with exercising. I just wish I could get my cat to do stuff like that…rofl. I know it is not going to happen… might just have to get a good dog one day soon.
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