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by jtclough on September 5, 2010

Summer and Fall San Diego Dog Training Camps and Private Coaching Sessions are in full swing.  The latest Campers as always have not only been fun to work with but continue to teach me about life through all the moments we create.

Remember the old primary school readers with stories of Dick, Jane and Spot?  Amazingly enough going back to basics and building a foundation is key to moving any dog through a rough patch or on to new possibilities.

Teaching your Dog Spot

Teaching your dog Spot is not about dog names!  Instead it’s an action that can build the best foundation for basic obedience, dogs sports, or building confidence in a fearful dog as well as containing the dominant dog’s over indulgence!

Spot is the action of getting on a target and staying there.  Starting with a dog bed is best since most dogs have had some experience with this object.  Once you connect “Spot” as the action of getting on the bed it can then be transfered to all kinds of other objects and surfaces as targets.

Building Confidence, Training Skills and Fitness with Spot

Start with Spot as your dog’s bed.  Then transition to other objects as Spot and begin the foundation of using Spot as something fun to do while incorporating training, fitness and confidence your dog.

The simple exercise of introducing your dog to new surfaces is part of the road to a balanced dog both mentally and physically.  From balancing on an uneven surface for strength building to holding a “Spot” as a solid stay in distraction, dogs get a better sense of what to do when they have a target to focus on.

Check out the video to see Dexter who came to Camp with fears from shadows to other dogs build his confidence by practicing “Spot” over and over and on many different targets.  Then take your dog out and make a game of “Spot”.  Find as many new “Spots” as you can, get your dog on it, and start a fabulous foundation of “Stay” while your dog gets good at something you’ll see big wags come along with the training game.

Steps to Spot

•    Start with a dog bed
•    Show your dog to get on the be
•    At the moment your dog gets on the bed, call it “Spot” and reward
•    Keep your dog on Spot for at least 30 seconds
•    If your dog tries to get off… lead right back to the bed and call it “Spot”
•    Build the time your dog can stay on “Spot”’
•    Use the same process with any other object with a surface raised at least 1 inch from the floor
•    Have tons of fun finding “Spots’ for your dog

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1 Deb September 6, 2010 at 2:41 pm

Thanks for the new skill to practice. I really think this is going to help with “Lucca’s” (new lab who showed up about 6 mos ago) fears and lurching towards just about everything from moving cars, golf carts, deer, other strange dogs, etc. I’ve been having him sit to try to calm his brain down when we encounter these things on a walk and it’s seems to work pretty well, but then just when I think he’s better, bam out of the blue he goes coo coo.
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