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by jtclough on October 28, 2010

Halloween is quickly becoming one of the most interactive celebrated holidays on the calendar.  It certainly involves the whole family, including the dog these days.

Trick or treating, finding the coolest costumes and carving the pumpkin finds a place for your dog too.  This year you can carve a pumpkin with your favorite dog breed using these free patterns.

Pumpkin Carving Stencils of Favorite Dog Breed

While Halloween can be fun times for your dog when it comes to costumes, make sure that you try your choice of costumes on your dog prior to going on an outing.  Pieces and parts dangling from a costume that can be easily ingested by your dog should be avoided, and never leave your dog unattended while in a Halloween costume.

If your dog doesn’t dig the costume don’t force the issue.  You could end up creating way more stress than fun.  Many dogs don’t mind at all and if this is the case have fun and take lots of photos.  Get your dog to pose by the pumpkin using the simple and fun training concept of “See Spot Sit”.  You can use Halloween as yet another opportunity to train through play with your dog.

Halloween Dog Food Safety

Candy, particularly chocolate is bad for your dog, in fact certain types of chocolate can be deadly.  Remember your dog isn’t predisposed to craving sugar.  Most dogs love treats and will be just as happy with a wholesome treat rather than a junk food treat.  Get back to basics with the entire family and consider making your dog’s treats with the Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook.  It works for year round fun and nutrition for your dog!

The commotion of Halloween night for some dogs can be stressful.  While you can choose your times to have fun with your dog, the best time may not be during the early evening trick or treat hours.  If you have trick or treaters ringing the door bell, coming and going leaving the front door an easy escape for your dog, it is best to put your dog in a safe environment.  A room that is closed off from the open entry or a kennel or crate is best.

Taking your dog for a long walk, run or a quick dog treadmill workout earlier in the day will provide a great way to keep your dog entertained and well behaved in preparation for the comings and goings of the neighborhood trick or treaters.  *not a bad idea for yourself either… the exercise part!

Make sure to have clearly marked ID tags on your dog as a safety measure should your dog accidentally get out the front door during the Halloween excitement.

Have a fabulous Halloween with your best friend, family and the neighborhood kids.

*photo credit: Better Homes & Gardens
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