Holiday Dog Lovers Gift Guide

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by jtclough on December 8, 2010

Holiday Dog Lovers Gift Guide

Give the give of health and fitness for a lifetime to any dog lover and their dog this season. Provide wags for the year to come.  Find our what breed your adopted dog is and enjoy the wags of gifts that you can use with your dog throughout the year.

5K Training Guide: Running With Dogs

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Dog Treadmill – the best thing ever for fitness and health. San Diego is a great place to get out and have some fun and a little added exercise with your dog daily provides so many dogs with the calm behavior to take anywhere.

DNA Dog Breed Identification Kit

DNA Breed Identification Kit

Discover the breeds present in your dog through DNA
Get a better understanding of your dog’s behavior, potential health risks and personality.
Get a permanent record of your dog’s DNA.

Dog Training Camp

Sometimes it takes a little help from your dog friends!  We all have the vision of the well behaved dog by our side, but like people, dogs get into bad habits and the cycle can be difficult to break.   San Diego Dog Training Camp has your family’s tranquility in mind when designing private training camps for your dog and your lifestyle.

Just ask Rowdy’s Mom and Dad how happy they are… he came with a bit of fear aggression.  His program included treadmill training so he could learn to go out and be a good dog on the trails and in the parks around his home every day.

What Happened to Rowdy the Weimaraner and His Fear Aggression Toward Dogs

My 3 year old dog Rowdy had become increasingly out of control.  He was barking, biting, and likely to run away or jump on someone when we opened the front door.

Because he was aggressive toward other dogs I couldn’t even walk him so he was trapped in the house with no outlet for his energy.
I was losing total control, fearful I may have to give him up to a friend with a home in the country I decided to try some training.

A search connected me to Jt.  I had an instant comfort level with her ability to respond to Rowdy and his personality.  We signed up for the “Treadmill Training – Fear Aggression for a New Lifestyle Program” and now I come home to my “real” dog.

After Treadmill training Rowdy can now go anywhere with me and ignore other dogs,
we can even sit outside at a restaurant and relax while he is “parked” next to me.
After training with Jt’s Treadmill Training, Rowdy is now much calmer, no more nervous energy around the house, he even has good manners when the doorbell rings!

Now everyone enjoys my sweet and beautiful dog.
Thanks Jt!

The greatest gift all for the everyone is spending time together and sharing smiles and wags.  In the midst of your Holiday Season this year make sure to take some time to get outdoors and enjoy the gift of fresh air, time with your family, friends and your dog.

Wag more!

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