Woof! Your Newest Pickup Line

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by jtclough on December 26, 2010

Guest post by Carrie Boyko,
All Things Dog Blog

You’re an active, physically fit, single who loves spending time with your dog.  Finding new ways to meet suitable men can sometimes be a challenge, particularly if you’re not into the club scene.  Have you considered your dog?  He may be just what you need to conspire to meet that cute guy at the park, beach, boardwalk, or even your neighborhood sidewalk.

Don't Be To Obvious

Need a little nudge?  Here are a few tips for using your Fido to meet new and interesting men who are also dog lovers.

First of all, keep in mind that many men are attracted to more active, athletic dogs—and generally not so much the toy breeds.  Although this is not always the case, most of you will agree that a vibrant, active man is more likely to notice a Boxer, Lab or even a bright, high energy Jack Russell Terrier, than a Chihuahua in a pink lace dress. Borrow your girlfriend’s Border Collie or Mastiff if you must, but leave your prissy toy poodle for a second meeting.  There’s a time and a place for your Pomeranian, and this, ladies, is not it.

Now, let’s get down to some techniques.  Remember the “Bend and Snap” from the movie, Legally Blond? These strategies are a bit subtler, but if you keep the idea of the Bend and Snap in mind, you may get quicker response time.  Good luck!

Hope He Notices Me

You’ve spotted a guy at the dog park that you’d like to meet.  Parade your dog by him in an apparent, nonchalant manner, making sure you stop to practice Fido’s obedience training within clear view of your subject.  End with an exuberant High-Five and let’s hope your target notices and comes over to meet you, er….your Fido.
Does Fido like to play Fetch?  Perfect!  Here’s your chance to use the ‘damsel in distress’ tactic.  No matter how good an arm you have, give the Frisbee, tennis ball, or stick a lame throw, exclaiming to yourself with exasperation, “Sorry, big guy! I know you need a man with a real arm.” This one works every time!
Are you more of a runner than a walk-in-the-park sort?  No problem.  Make sure you wear your most flattering running attire when you head out for this one.  Now all you need is an excuse to stop in front of your target hunk.  Re-tie your shoe laces; that always works. Don’t forget that this is an unplanned stop; be subtle.  Remember that guys like to be the pursuers.

Good Job, Tanner

If water is you and your Fido’s thing, now you’re talking.  Your bikini (or even a wetsuit if you’re into surfing or Winter water sports) and Fido’s eager attitude for swimming, fetching, or possibly surfing, will be a shoe-in for catching that cute guy’s eye.
By now you get the idea and can no doubt apply these strategies to your biking or rollerblading with Fido.  In most any activity that you do with your dog, he can be your magnet!

Whatever method you choose for meeting your guy, remember to keep your focus on your dog as you near your target. It needs to be his idea to meet you.  Your job is simply to give him the opportunity. Fido will be a natural attraction, and will do his job with no instruction—he’ll be cool and cute! Happy hunting!

Carrie Boyko writes the All Things Dog Blog, where her pack teaches her every day how to be a better pack leader.
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