More Rain in San Diego – Does Your Dog Mind?

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by jtclough on January 2, 2011

For most of us here in San Diego we are done with the rain.  Yet it continues on.  Does your dog mind the rain?

The results are out on this question and the answers are most likely skewed to the human thoughts on rain.  If you don’t like going out in the rain it’s really easy to see your dog as not liking the rain.  Whether not liking the rain is created or not , dogs still need exercise and have no control over the stir crazy feelings that come about because of bad weather.

My dogs are definitely signed up for preferring sun over rain.  They have the luxury of a big back yard and though they don’t use it for exercise which usually happens out on the trails or at dog beach, they do use it for their very large lush bathroom.  When it rains and I slide the door open they tend to sit at the edge and give me a look.  “Uhhh, excuse me, I’m not really into the wet paws or the cold.  Thanks but no, I’ll hold it.”

Anthropomorphizing – Our Dogs Might Actually Like Rain but….

There is some serious anthropomorphizing (to ascribe human form or attributes to a dog)  going on in that statement!  Yeah, I don’t like to go out in the rain either.  Here we are in San Diego bundled up, Ugg boots on and the fireplace going all day.  The dogs have taken to curling up on their beds as close to the warmth as possible as well.

Never the less, dogs need exercise (just like me) it doesn’t take long and the squirrelly behavior appears.  Pick up the keys to car and they start going nuts.  Underfoot looking for attention.  Flipping all the cushions off the couch in pure boredom.  Restless night because of the entire day of sleep, just to name a few of the scenarios.

Lucky for us we have our home gym which includes the dog treadmill.  Whew.  It’s an awesome thing when the rain comes along.

I know it sounds a little crazy when you live in a place like San Diego because the weather is known for being near paradise all year round.  However, crazy no more when a year like this comes along.  And as it turns out it is awesome thing when running short on time and it is an awesome thing when preparing for guests to come.

Rain or Bad Behavior – What to Do?

A dog that has energy to burn all the time best present ever would be a dog treadmill… at least as a professional dog trainer I certainly get that feedback from training clients who have had dogs who just don’t seem to get enough.  Behavior problems can be mostly addressed through exercise with a little training that goes along with it.

So if your dog doesn’t like the rain, and you want to find ways to keep you and your dog happy consider a home gym for you and your dog!  A treadmill one for you (Craigs list) and one for the dog, yoga mat, some weights and exercise balls should set you right up and in the long run will be way less expensive than the gym membership you haven’t used and that you can’t take the dog to!

Other things going on in San Diego that are good for the dog and you and the collective fitness level… Doga Yoga or check out these videos showing fun dog exercises you can do in the house or out doors when the sun comes back out.

Does your dog like the rain?

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1 Julio@Mountain bike May 7, 2011 at 9:25 am

I used to watch Cesar’s Millan “dog whisperer”. I observed dogs tend to “assimilate” owner’s behaviour. Just observe….
I don’t like to get out in the rain, specially if it is cold and windy. So do my dogs.
If I feel brave, and get out into the mighty cold, they come right after me.
A threadmill for the dogs? Unfortunately, I can’t afford it.
Julio@Mountain bike´s last blog post ..Mountain bike sales

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