Have you “herd” about herding?


by Meagan Karnes on April 3, 2011

Herding. It’s not just for ranchers and border collies anymore. This hot up-and-coming dog sport is quickly taking San Diego by storm. In herding, dogs are trained to… well… herd! They can herd a variety of livestock including sheep, cattle and even ducks! And the sport is spreading its wings and reaching out to dogs of many breeds. In my first hand experience, I have watched a dachshund mix herd and do amazingly well. I’ve seen an incredibly accomplished boxer move sheep like he was made to do it. And of course, I’ve seen German Shepherds, Malinois, Australian Shepherds, Cattle dogs, Border Collies and many more take up this sport and absolutely LOVE it!

To participate in herding, you simply need to have a dog that is eager and willing and shows some of the required behavior. You don’t have to have acres of land and your own flock of sheep and you don’t have to live in the country. In San Diego alone, there are several herding training facilities to choose from that are freeway close and easy to get to.


When dogs were first domesticated and for hundreds of years following, they had a job. They worked alongside their human counterparts and together they thrived. Today, many of our dogs have become couch potatoes. Sadly, this new trend has resulted in dogs with weight problems, dogs suffering from a lack of socialization and exposure, and dogs that suffer from behavioral issues because they aren’t given an outlet. Having a job is an amazing outlet for mental and physical activity as well as being a huge confidence booster for even the most insecure pooch.

Many dog trainers these days are referring dog owners to dog sports as a compliment to their behavior modification regimen. The dog sports do wonders for boosting self confidence and independence. They also help dog owners learn to better control their unruly pups in a fun and safe environment. Not to mention, they are just plain fun!


The Collared Scholar dog training has recently opened a new Herding Training Facility and has brought on some of the county’s best trainers so that San Diego dogs can participate in this amazing sport. Training and lessons are open to all breeds of dogs. Join them April 17th from 10am to 4pm for a Grand Opening BBQ. Bring your pooch to their new, beautiful facility located on the Southeast corner of Sycamore Canyon Road and Garden Road in Poway and meet the trainers, watch live herding, agility and bitework demonstrations, and take advantage of discount instinct tests to see if your pooch has what it takes to be a herding superstar! For more information, call 619-916-8710.

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1 JO May 4, 2011 at 12:11 am

Wow it’s so true, if you want to do favor to your dog make him try and work something. An important point, many times, it looks like the dog had forgotten how to do it. But if you start, he wakes up again. Never too late.

jo –

2 Dog Training in San Diego May 5, 2011 at 4:35 am

Good to have working class breed have a job. It makes them stay alert.

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