Does Your Dog Know Authenticity Better Than You Do

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by jtclough on May 26, 2011

Dogs pick up on emotion before they pick up on anything else.  It’s the premise of many of my dog training lessons.  It’s a fact that many people tend to miss in their dogs’ behavior, and what you don’t realize is dogs know how authentic you are being and tend to act accordingly.

What?  My dog knows what I really mean and what I don’t?  My dog seriously knows what true underneath it all person I really am when it comes to most things I say and do?

The Need to Act or the Will to Just Be Who You Are

Unfortunately life seems to be under a microscope to those around us, whether it be co-workers, friends, neighbors, or family we have become a society that doesn’t allow us to really be who we are for fear that we will be judged for our choices.

Your relationship with your dog is another story.  Dogs have no need to impress you with politically correct behavior and they also are simply not impressed with your “sort of” attempts to make them be a certain way even though you really don’t care that it’s everyone else’s expectations you are trying to fill instead of your own.

Be Your Authentic Self … The One Your Dog Knows

We are really are the same when it comes to deciding to do anything.  It’s a level of commitment that becomes so important you just do it.  You aren’t trying to impress anyone else really.  The times you practice being the person you really are is when things get done.

Good dog trainers are those people who do well at what they do because they are being their authentic self, not because they are trying to do what is supposed to be done according some Trainer’s Association philosophy .  Dogs know the difference of communication in body language and in verbal language versus just trying to make you do something without a true conviction behind it.  Are you authentic or are you faking it to please everyone else?

Practice being your authentic self with your dog as a roll model to “judgement” and you’ll probably find yourself doing a lot more things you really want to… and getting good at them, rather than doing what everyone else thinks you should.  You’ll probably find yourself wagging for the pure enjoyment of it, rather than putting on a good happy show for everyone else.

Go Have Some Fun With Your Dog – Be Yourself – Wag

Sometimes you can find more of your authentic self by trying something new.  Another good thing to practice with your non judgmental dog.  If you are in the San Diego area check out herding, agility, dog sports and treadmill training at the Collared Scholar.

Get creative and get on Google if you are in another area or even in San Diego… water sports, a mountain trail hike, run a 5K to Doga (yep, that’s yoga with the dog)… have some fun.  And practice being your authentic self with your dog.

Jt Clough, has studied, applied and taught others how to create a balanced life with calm dog training techniques through her lifetime commitment to health and fitness. Clough is also the creator of dog wellness programs and author of the 5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs and Treading for Dogs DVD,  further inspiring people to introduce playtime in life through the eyes of a dog changing unwanted behaviors to practicing a healthy lifestyle.

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Be your authentic self… what ya gonna do?  one thing this week new to be you…. write it down in the comments.  You’ll do it then.  Be you, just like your loveable dog!

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1 me May 28, 2011 at 7:54 am

that picture is so great of both of you!

2 Yogizilla May 28, 2011 at 3:41 pm

I think this week I will do more active stuff with my dog. She has tons of energy and I need to follow her lead. We enjoy walks together but perhaps a little jog together while I catch up on podcasts could work too!

I enjoyed your article and agree that our furry companions are more receptive, emotional, and smart than some would like to think. I think we just don’t always pick up on their cues. Pets definitely get as frustrated with our failure to listen as we do with them at times.

Thanks for sharing this on Twitter! I believe Jaennutter shared this with me. She’s a great promoter, I tell ya. 8)

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