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by jtclough on May 4, 2011

Hooray for Pretties for Pitties, an organization started by a group of girls in San Diego girls, women, cool chicks… many descriptions fit, who strive to correct misconceptions and increase positive views on the Pit Bull breed.

The big hooray comes from their efforts getting an article published in USA Today entitled:  Pulling Pit Bulls’ Image out of the Pits.
It is amazing how the stigma has changed when not that many years ago the Pit Bull was known as the “Nanny Dog”.  It’s clear with a little research that the image of late is not really about the breed but more about what has lead to these dogs acting out in ways they’ve been lead to and not out of natural tendency.  The media has sensationalized the “bad rap” on Pit Bulls but has failed to get the message out on the other side of the coin.  A quick glance through “Pit Bulls and other Misunderstood Breeds… Things You Should Know” brings light to the wonderful dogs that represent this loving breed.

Pretties for Pitties and Pit Bull Rescue

Once a month this wonderful group of Girlie Girls put on their pink tank tops and go on an organized walk somewhere in San Diego with Put Bulls from various different rescue groups.  They’ve not only raised awareness in a very good way for the breed but they have also been instrumental in finding homes for many dogs otherwise without a family to love.

Check the Pretties for Pitties Event Calendar to take part in one of their events of find an adoption day and join their Facebook Page.

Training a Good Thing for Any Breed Dog

Whether you own a Pit Bull, want to adopt a Pit Bull or any other breed appropriate training should be part of your life.  Dogs like to do things but communicate in different ways than we humans.  Spend a little time with an accomplished dog trainer to learn the best way to show your dog the rules of your home, dog beach, or simply going for a daily walk.

San Diego’s Collared Scholar offers a higher education for dogs and their owners in socialization, agility, herding, treadmill training and many more options for Pit Bull and all the other breeds who want to be their good dog friends as well.

So go ahead.  Wag more.  Take your dog along with you!

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1 sap May 8, 2011 at 2:35 pm

cool 🙂
after all – the dog is the best friend of us…
sap´s last blog post ..Why to use green cleaning products “Go Green” at the ordinary house cleaning!

2 Susana May 26, 2011 at 12:06 pm


How cool is that event? Wonderful idea. I don’t believe pitbulls are mean at all. I think all animals are beautiful and need to be respected. The stigma created around these amazing creatures is all about ignorance and fear.

Hope the event is very successful.

Keep smiling,

Susana´s last blog post ..The Magic of Little things

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