Incredible Dog Challenge in San Diego

by jtclough on June 7, 2011

Summer has arrived in San Diego and with it comes the Incredible Dog Challenge as a great way to kick off time with family and friends, including the family bff dog.

Dogs from across the West Coast will descend upon the San Diego County Fair for the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge, a premier canine sporting event featuring dogs competing in “Olympic-style” events. The action kicks off Friday, June 10,  2011 with the Incredible Surf Dog competition, featuring local pro surfer Taylor Knox, at Ocean Beach. Dogs will catch waves with Knox and vie for the title of “Incredible Surf Dog.” Visit for more information and to view the Live Stream on June 11th.

San Diego’s Most Inspirational Dog

Surf Dog Ricochet will be making her appearance of course again this year at the surfing contest.  Not only is she a superstar while hanging 10, or in her case that might be hanging 20 with those four spectacular paws of hers, but she is by far the most inspirational dog in the county.

Rip Curl Ricki started out surfing with children with physical disabilities and has taken her big huge dog heart from the love of these kids to raising money and awareness for incredible causes.   This dog has become an inspirational phenomenon, motivational role model, internet sensation, fundraising marvel and goodwill ambassador.

Make sure to follow her on Facebook as well as get out and enjoy watching her spread her goodwill amongst dogs and people alike at this San Diego dog friendly event.

Dogs Teach Us To Have Fun

You may live in a place like San Diego and yet have never tried to surf or even get to the beach all that often.  From working too much or simply not accustomed to trying new things we tend to put the fun we should be having right now, today… off for some day in the future.

Take a lesson from your dog.  Don’t worry about not knowing how to do something new like getting in the water, or even walking or running a 5K and just go do it.  Dogs are ones to have fun and dive into new activities if you just take them, not really caring that they aren’t experts the first time, or even the second or fifth time they are out.

Check out the the “Teach Your Dog to Surf” page Ricochet has put together, go out and watch the upcoming contest and you’ll end up having more fun with your dog and becoming inspired to paw it forward all the time.

For more fun activities and classes for dog in San Diego check out The Collared Scholar.  Get out and wag more!

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