Labrador Harbor Hounds for Hope – Honoring Dyson

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by jtclough on July 13, 2011

Come join us for the 1st Annual Hounds For Hope, a canine cancer awareness & wellness festival.

July 16, 2011
Dusty Rhodes Park
Ocean Beach (San Diego)

What Labrador Harbor Does for San Diego Dog Owners

Labrador Harbor provides charitable funds to private citizens or non-profit rescue organizations that directly benefit the immediate physical well-being of Labrador Retrievers. These funds will help finance costs for medical intervention, surgery, after-care, hospitalization, rehabilitation, behavioral intervention, or other health related needs of the Labrador Retriever, in order to enhance quality of life, extend life expectancy, and/or prevent euthanasia due to inability to meet the costs of medical care. Upon application and approval, Labrador Harbor will disperse funds based on eligibility criteria and availability.

Labrador Harbor provides appropriate referrals for health or behavioral care for Labrador Retrievers.

Labrador Harbor encourages rescue organizations to accept into their care senior (age 7 or older) or medical needs Labs for rehabilitation and re-homing, by assisting with financial aid upon application and approval of funds.

Labrador Harbor provides education and inform to the public about the responsible care and humane treatment of Labrador Retrievers.

Honoring Dyson

A very dear friend of mine lost her beloved Lab and through his needs Labrador Harbor helped her family.  She’d like to honor Dyson and the joy and life he brought at the Hounds for Hope event.

Honoring Dyson Everyone is Welcome
The families favorite color is purple and Dyson sported much of that color in his service/companion/search dog life.  Wear something purple in his honor!

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