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by jtclough on October 26, 2011

Just what dog lovers want more of. Dog friendly events.  This one will sure to prove to be a good one with the choice to walk or run with or without your dog.

WALK.RUN.WAG.5K9 San Diego

Start your New Year’s resolution early by registering for the January 15, 2012 San Diego dog friendly race now.  It is perfect motivation for you and your dog to start training program now and a great way to get through this upcoming holiday season, warding off the extra pounds that tend to come with it.

You can also join in helping local pets by donating when you register for this San Diego event .  A portion of all Petco Foundation WALK.RUN.WAG.5K9 proceeds will be donated to the Petco Foundation to help local pets.

Other San Diego Dog Events and Activities

So you’ve watch your dog try to herd all kinds of things that aren’t appropriate.   Children, the neighbor’s cat, garden art, all sorts of games your dog has had instinct to do but seems to get in trouble for.

You can tell your dog the wait is over.  The San Diego Herding Center opened last month and has on going events. Check it out and go have some fun with your dog.

Halloween and Your Dog

Dog safety at Halloween is something every dog owner should keep in mind.

  • Keep all the candy away from your dog. That means keep it higher than dog nose level and standing paw level.
  • Watch open doors for the escapee. Best to keep your dog in another room safe from the accidental dash out the open door.
  • Make sure to have id tags on your dog.
  • Watch the height of burning candles. Dogs can singe their nose or catch their tail on fire accidentally.

Though Halloween candy is a no no for your dog, here is a treat that not only will your dog love, but it’s good and healthy too!

Pumpkin Dog Treat Biscuits Recipe


Have a fabulous Fall with your dog, get out and get some exercise, drink water and try eating only healthy treats.  It’s good for you, it’s good for your dog.

Jt Clough is creator of  5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs, Treading for Dogs and K9 Cross Fitness Classes in Kailua Kona Hawaii.  She encourages you to make that change you want so badly today!

Thanks for reading.  My hope is to give you inspiration and thought provoking ideas to take your very next step in creating an awesome relationship with your dog!

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