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by jtclough on December 31, 2011

Happy New Year to you and to all the cool dogs that have given us joyful moments even in times where things aren’t going the way we thought they would!

It is the day where we reflect back on 2011 and many decide what they want out of 2012. Try making a Love List. It will give you inspiration to do more things that involve your happiness in 2012.

Dogs Have No Expectations

While we make New Year’s Resolutions, or Intentions I prefer to call them, we tend to not even list things that we’d really like to do. Why?

Because we start thinking about all the reasons why it’s not possible. We don’t get up ready to go with no expectations or worries that we won’t do it right like our wonderful dogs do.

In Kitchen Table Wisdom, Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen tells how she learned to be a perfectionist from her Dad who, when she handed him a paper on which she got 98%, asked: “What happened to the other two points?” The time and effort spent in pursuing perfection, of bridging the gap between your best effort undertaken with presence — which to the soul is enough — and perfection, is time and effort you haven’t spent on things that feed soul: tending to your intimate relationships, enjoying just being, or doing anything that doesn’t require outside approval — just complete and total enjoyment in the here and now.

Plan To Do More Things with Your Dog in 2012 | Your Dog Does Not Expect Perfection

Lose your expectations and gain more joy, more peace, a feeling of happiness. Simply wag more.

Here are some very simple things to do with your dog to make 2012 happy, healthy and a love list that rocks!

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Start you own list of things you’d like to to with your dog, with your friends, with your family and have the greatest 2012 ever.

Thanks for reading.  My hope is to give you inspiration and thought provoking ideas to take your very next step in creating better health for you and your dog!  Please subscribe and follow me on Twitter.   Retweets are cool too.

As a 9 time Ironman finisher, change maker and author and creator of 5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs and K9 Cross Fitness Classes in Kailua Kona Hawaii I encourage you to make that change you want so badly today!

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