Anxiety Is It The Dog’s Problem or Yours

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by jtclough on January 7, 2012

My dog is afraid of everything.  I was told it was a combination of separation anxiety and fear aggression.

Translation: I’m afraid of lots of things but I don’t even realize it and it’s much easier to see it as my dog’s problem.  Sometimes I say things I wish I hadn’t but I react when I feel threatened, even for the smallest of comments or actions.

Anxiety Reaction

The Nasty Grip of Anxiety holds so many hostage and yet we go so fast to keep up, we want so many things and spin around in circles trying to get them, and somehow continue to ignore our own fears and anxieties.  It stops us from fully engaging in an abundant life full of joy in simple things like a walk on the beach, a game of fetch with the dog, an action plan to write the book that resides in our heads or heal the relationship with your partner or best friend.

You Are the Amalgamation of the 5 People (Dog Included) You Hang Out with Most

Think about it.

  • You hang out with someone who says “cool” about everything.  You catch yourself saying cool all the time too.
  • You hang out with someone who drinks a lot of coffee.  You find yourself buying more Starbucks cards.
  • You hang out someone who has a cocktail nightly.  You start having one too.
  • You hang out with someone who decided to do a triathlon.  You start running.
  • You hang out with someone who says negative things all the time, you find yourself bitching too.
  • You hang out with someone who plans amazingly fun simple things to do every day. You feel the energy and want to go along.  *Note usually happens when you start pushing all the negative forces out of your life!

So, here is the kicker thing…. you realize your dog pretty much only hangs out with you.  So guess what…. your dog is emulating your behavior. If anxiety is a big issue, it’s probably more about you than the dog!

But My Dog Came with Anxiety as a Rescue

This may be true.  Usually you were are attracted to these things.  It is a lesson put right before you in a bundle of “I want to love you and all you are” through a dog.  It is a way for you to realize that anxiety is something you relate with and you have to do something about it to change it.

Anxiety becomes a habit. For you. For your dog. When you look for help for your dog who suffers from anxiety you need to look for yourself too.

Because simply put your dog does not logic.
Everything is a picture.
So if you learn to frame anxiety as creating a new picture, and you want to get professional dog training to help you change that picture for your and for yourself contact us here.

Make Today Anxiety-Less Action For You And Your Dog

I encourage you to read and practice all you can about how ways to deal with anxiety.  Get support to make you answer so hard questions you have ignored or been hung up on it as society’s fault.  It will change how you view it as the dog’s fault issue and get you both to engage in more fun, more abundance and a better life on a daily basis.

Two suggestions to start:

Taking action can create an entire new reality. Contact us and we’ll get right back to you for Dog Training in Encinitas.

Check out a free dog training video series that will start you into action today!

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