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For awhile now I have been searching for a way to help dog owners, dogs, and pet professionals online with as much success as I do those I work with in person.  I know the information I want to get out there, it’s been a matter of formatting it in a way that it’s easy to get to.

I’ve come to the realization that the best way was to teach just the way I do when I work someone in person.  Just put it out there in my own voice and let the learning happen. So many of those I work with thank me for the way I teach… so here it is….

Habits Coach for You and For Your Dog

Fear and anxiety are powerful forces that often grip and stop us from enjoying life on a daily basis let alone moving forward to our innermost dreams and desires.  My life experiences, work as a coach for both people and dogs and my intuition have successfully led me to live and create my own dreams and help many others along with their dogs on their way to their own personal paradise.

Most dog training issues are about habits.  It could be the dog’s habits, it could be yours.  In either case in our urban world it is up to you to implement changes in your dog’s life or your own life.

Dogs learn and think differently than we do.  Many who have worked with me find that the information they gain through personal one on one coaching about concepts works much better than the dog training classes where your dog did it for the trainer but once you leave, doesn’t do it for you.

After all the dog training classes I took, including one I got kicked out of my skype sessions with JT about how my dog learns, habits that I do and she does, and what to do differently worked like a charm.

~Holly F. and Delilah, Beaveron OR



Solve problem behavior from puppy training, potty training to behavior issues.  You can create new habits and end up with the coolest dog ever.

Habits Coaching for You and For Your Dog

San Diego Dog Training Urban Adventures

Most dog training classes don’t work!

Wow.  Now that’s a statement from a professional dog trainer.  What I’m saying is I have been training dogs for many, many years and everything I do in my life and my dog’s life I like to be successful with…  at the same time have fun.  Wag more.

Dog training classes tend to get people out with their dog but in many cases the “class” situation works for the dog only while in class.  Sit and stay works when all the other dogs are sitting and staying too… but take your dog out in real life… an urban trail, dog beach, to a dog friendly bistro… and it all falls apart.

San Diego Dog Training Adventures is for you and your dog!

A series of three private training adventures for you and your dog.

  • The first is an introduction and your first real session to learn how your dog thinks and learns, how to deal with outdoor adventure distraction and what do about all the real life things that happen when you are out with your dog.
  • The second and third training adventures are created according to what you and your dog want to do.  Trail walk or run.  Time at the beach.  A walk to the outdoor dog friendly restaurant.  Running with your dog or learning how to do dog water sports.  Your dog, your choice of fun things to do.

If you want to add fitness to you and your dog’s lives, you can.  If you want to add getting out and having some fun, you can.  If you want your dog to just act like a good dog in distraction, you can.

Yes, just 3 Dog Training Adventures… and a lifetime of fun, fitness, and well trained dog comes of it.
Send an e-mail or call 808-936-4388 to get started.  Today.

Private Coaching

Just fix the biggest problem I have with my dog….A whole huge dog training program is not what you are looking for.

Many dog owners really do want to get out their and have fun with their dogs….
BUT… help with some sort of behavior problem tends to escape you….
Even when you did do some research into getting training for your dog… it was either too expensive, some in depth program that went around the actual problem… or a long series of lessons that you don’t have time for.

All reasons why I developed the Solution Session….  a private lesson that provides solutions to your most needed dog problems right away.   A training program made for your dog’s needs, activities, and lifestyle without the group session time management or time spent working on things you don’t need or will never use.  Get it done and have some fun!

Private Coaching Sessions are in San Diego… a very dog friendly beach city….

and from popular demand.. I have phone consults available as well.  The running dog programs are being done from many different states and locations.  People who read the blog regularly started requesting phone consults … so here there are K9 Training Skype Session or Phone Consult for dog training behavior problems or running dog individualized consults.

Treadmill Training for Behavior Modification and/or Fitness

Jt, has studied, applied and taught others how to create a balanced life with calm dog training techniques through her life time commitment to health and fitness. Clough is also the creator of dog wellness programs further inspiring people to introduce playtime in life through the eyes of a dog changing unwanted behaviors to practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Treadmill training for dogs with behavior issues from dog aggression to chewing, jumping and barking have benefited from the treadmill training program.  Not only does your dog become well balanced in behavior but this program provides the bridge to doing more with your dog in the great outdoors.

K9 Cross Training 5K Fitness Training

Even dog owners struggle to stay fit and need a good motivator to stay healthy with a balanced life style.

Many dog owners want to get out there and be active with their dog but they either need a little help with getting control of the dog, or they just need some pushing to get out and get active themselves.  K9 Cross Training is a way for you to get some private coaching from me online…for you and for your dog…. get out there and get motivated because you feel good about doing it.

What do you get out of this program… the best of both worlds.  All things dog, including detailed training, updated events you can do with your dog to keep active, reviews of the best food and toys for your dog, dog breed information…. and anything else cool about dogs.

And… the best part… getting fit, healthy and a balanced lifestyle through a detailed training program so you can run a 5K for fun while developing the most loyal relationship you’ve got… the one with your dog.

Running Fitness Dog Training San Diego

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