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Join the movement.  Get out and get fit with your dog.

Most of us don’t have the time to get to the gym or make a class all the time.  Keep yourself going with your own personal coach and training partner right from your own home, or from any trail, park, beach… you get to choose.

You’ll find yourself wagging more!

5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs

Dog Friendly 5K Runs Walks & Events – 2011 Updated Dog Friendly Events Calendar

K9 Cross Training 5K Fitness Training

Even dog owners struggle to stay fit and need a good motivator to stay healthy with a balanced life style. Dog Training San Diego Fitness Running

Many dog owners want to get out there and be active with their dog but they either need a little help with getting control of the dog, or they just need some pushing to get out and get active themselves.  5K Training Guide | Running with Dogs is a way for you to get some private coaching from me online…for you and for your dog…. get out there and get motivated because you feel good about doing it.

What do you get out of this program… the best of both worlds.  All things dog, including detailed training, updated events you can do with your dog to keep active, reviews of the best food and toys for your dog, dog breed information…. and anything else cool about dogs.

And… the best part… getting fit, healthy and a balanced lifestyle through a detailed training program so you can run a 5K for fun while developing the most loyal relationship you’ve got… the one with your dog.

Treadmill Training for Dogs

The new fitness/obedience/behavior training solution – treadmill training for dogs.

Whether your dog is struggling with leash aggression, a few extra pounds to obesity, or you simply live in a climate that is too cold, too hot, too rainy, or too snowy dog treadmill training is finding it’s way to the magic solution for all of these problems.

Small, Medium, & Large Dog Treadmills including an exclusive 30 day training guide written to start any dog to better training, fitness, & health.

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