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What You Eat Is How You Feel: True for the Dog Too?

Thumbnail image for What You Eat Is How You Feel: True for the Dog Too? August 16, 2010

Unless you are feeding an entirely raw diet you are going to end up feeding your dog processed food. That being the case it is important to find out what is in the processing, who processes it (big business or companies concerned with the health of your dog), and what ingredients are actually included.

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Dog Food. Same Cheeseburger Everyday?

Thumbnail image for Dog Food.  Same Cheeseburger Everyday? May 20, 2010

The pet food industry is a 16 billion dollar a year game and you can bet that those companies using the biggest marketing dollars to attract your conscious dog food choices aren’t worried so much about the health of your dog. The bottom line is profits.

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Surf Dog Ricochet Canine Cancer Campaign

Thumbnail image for Surf Dog Ricochet Canine Cancer Campaign April 14, 2010

Cancer treatment is expensive and researching ways to prevent canine cancer is as well. Canine Cancer Campaigns are becoming a necessity to keep the research, treatments and hopefully a cure going.

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What’s In Your Dog’s Dinner – The Truth About Dog Food

Thumbnail image for What’s In Your Dog’s Dinner – The Truth About Dog Food March 9, 2010

What’s in dog food? Big companies use massive advertising media dollars to cover up the truth. Find out what popular premium dog foods have ingredients not fit to feed anything alive and what companies are using wholesome ingredients.

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Healthy Dog Food and Treat Choices

January 23, 2010

Tweet What if we ate like dogs?  Well, I guess not what most dogs get fed, but the fact that they usually get food in the morning and the evening only.  Very few snacks in between.  On a good day maybe a couple of treats here and there for good behavior. For most it would […]

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Dog Food Recall – FDA Health Alert

January 17, 2010

Tweet January 14, 2010 – FDA Health Alert for Merrick Beef Filet Squares Dog Treats Packaged and Distributed by Merrick Pet Care
Products may be contaminated with Salmonella The U. S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to use Merrick Beef Filet Squares for dogs distributed by Merrick Pet Care with a package date […]

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Training Companions: Running with Dogs

Thumbnail image for Training Companions: Running with Dogs January 7, 2010

Studies show that training with a companion, training partner, buddy… whatever you want to call it increases your chances of sticking with an exercise program more than two fold. There are a few considerations to take into account when choosing your dog as your running partner.

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Holiday Dog Food – The Good and The Bad

December 21, 2009

Tweet Just plain dog food kibble, especially the same kind of dog kibble every day can get a little boring. Since we love our dogs so much, we tend to give them a special treat during the holidays. Usually something from the more than fabulous holiday dinner being prepared to share with friends and family. […]

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Dog Bone Treat Recipe – Perfect Christmas Dog Gift

December 16, 2009

Tweet The holidays are upon us and the shopping malls are a bit crazy these days. For those of you with dogs on you Christmas shopping list here’s a great idea that’s cost effective and the dogs will love. Everyone knows chocolate is not good for the dog. A fact not well known though is […]

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Thanksgiving Dog Food Fitness & Health

November 25, 2009

Tweet The holidays are here. Time for food, drink, friends, family (including the dog), and good times. Thanksgiving tends to center around food. Not all the food we eat on this type of holiday is the best for our health, but never the less we eat it. The same is true for our dogs. Food […]

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