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Coprophagia | Does Your Dog Eat Poop?

Thumbnail image for Coprophagia | Does Your Dog Eat Poop? November 4, 2010

What answers dog owners are looking for on the “my dog eats poop” problem so I responded with my honest opinion about how to deal with this dog behavior issue.

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Dog Friendly 4th of July Tips

Thumbnail image for Dog Friendly 4th of July Tips July 1, 2010

4th of July dog safety and training tips. Not exactly the best holiday for dogs but it comes around every year so finding all the good parts about life with your dog during the 4th of July is going to provide a lot more wagging for everyone.

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Fit Dog Fit Nation – 7 Session Boost – For You and The Dog –

Thumbnail image for Fit Dog Fit Nation – 7 Session Boost – For You and The Dog – April 5, 2010

Fit Dog Fit Nation launches May 8th. We’ll be providing Get Moving with Your Dog Tips. Join the movement against childhood obesity and get yourself and the dog back into shape.

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Finding Motivation To Run

Thumbnail image for Finding Motivation To Run February 10, 2010

After years of coaching people and their dogs, finding what does motivate people to stop killing themselves with inactivity, junk food diets and the over used excuse “I’m too busy” has been one of my missions. Good news. I found the number one motivator…

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Running with Two Dogs

January 30, 2010

We’ve established that running is one of the greatest ways to get fit, super charge weight loss and end up with well behaved dogs. Running with the dog is a motivator that even on the days you don’t really feel like it has the benefit of an encouraging wag to get you out the door.

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Healthy Dog Food and Treat Choices

January 23, 2010

Tweet What if we ate like dogs?  Well, I guess not what most dogs get fed, but the fact that they usually get food in the morning and the evening only.  Very few snacks in between.  On a good day maybe a couple of treats here and there for good behavior. For most it would […]

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Running with Dogs – iPhone Apps

January 19, 2010

Tweet As the winter wears on and the resolution to lose weight and get fit seem to become shiny bits of an idea that are harder and harder to grab, its important to find the motivation to stay with it. K9 Coach, Inc. is committed to ideas and inspiration to keep you out there running […]

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Dog Fat? You Might Be Too.

January 9, 2010

Yikes. A statement most people just don’t want to hear. Never the less, our dogs tend to be a very serious reflection of ourselves and it may be time to wake up and start moving the paws.

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Training Companions: Running with Dogs

Thumbnail image for Training Companions: Running with Dogs January 7, 2010

Studies show that training with a companion, training partner, buddy… whatever you want to call it increases your chances of sticking with an exercise program more than two fold. There are a few considerations to take into account when choosing your dog as your running partner.

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Idita-Walk – Fitness for You Fitness for Your Dog

January 6, 2010

Tweet Go Train Your Dog and Yourself.  Get fit.  Get balanced.  Get wagged. The Idita-Walk is an event to promote physical fitness in the spirit of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Most dog owners know about the Iditarod and have an appreciation for it simply in the spirit of the amazing physical accomplishments as well […]

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